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Betrayal is traumatic.  Like a thick blanket of fog in a deep valley, despair can settle in and take up residence. We feel alone.  Abandoned.  Rejected.  Is there hope?

In her book Rise, Misty details how she and hundreds of other women are climbing their way out of betrayal trauma and into a life of joy and meaning, regardless of the outcome of their marriages.  Using her background as an educator, Misty breaks recovery into four stages: climb, conquer, rest and restore.  Viewing sexual betrayal through the lens of trauma, she exposes the myths of sexual addiction held by many churches and mainstream circles. 


In terms that are easy to understand, Misty unravels the many complex layers that sex addiction comprises.  Just as a compass guides a sojourner through uncharted territory, this book can help women navigate through the many challenges associated with betrayal trauma.   


Before reaching the peak, where joy and meaning are sure to be found, one must hike through the forest of grief, climb to safety, explore the river of grace, and remove the stones that are hindering one’s healing.  This journey will require determination and courage, but there is hope.  After all, the best views happen after the hardest climb.


The choice is yours.  You can choose to stay in the valley, lost in bitterness and despair, or you can choose to climb.  But first, you must RISE. 


    Grab your backpack, hiking boots, and grit.  Let’s climb.  

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Book Cove with butterfly 5x7 front cover


A Guide to Climbing Out of Betrayal Trauma

by Misty Terrell

Foreword by Dr. Christopher Cornine

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