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Dear Sister,

  God has been telling me that you matter, and He hasn’t carried me through the forest of grief, nor pushed me up the mountain of recovery to keep it all to myself.  You may need this info, just as I needed it. When I first learned of my husband's betrayal, it felt like someone had pushed me off a cliff and I was free-falling.  Can you relate?  Maybe there is just one truth spoken that will toss you a lifesaving "rope-of-hope" and give your broken heart some truth to hold on to. Betrayal whispers awful lies in our heads that we are abandoned.  Rejected.  Unloved. Alone.


  God has been reminding me that you feel lost, confused, angry and so very sad.  I know this, because I did too. You are not alone. You are not crazy.  You've been betrayed.  And betrayal feels like death.


  Jesus loves to breathe new life when all seems lost.  In fact, He said the words, "Talitha Cumi" to a little girl who had taken her final breath.  And in those words, which mean, "Little girl, rise", we discover how He can take what is dead and breathe His Life.  He is speaking these words over you, even now. Your heart matters to Him, and His grace will give you the power and freedom you need to heal.  I'd love to share with you how He did that for me.


  So sister, rise.  Rise into the woman of valor He created you to be.  He created you with the heart of a warrior.  Regardless of the outcome of your marriage, this is not the end for you.  Fix your eyes to the mountain top, and watch God blow your mind.  You are loved, cherished, honored, adored, valued, important, and capable.  Even on your very worst days, that is how God, your Redeemer, sees you.  


Climb. Conquer. Rest. Restore.  Grab your compass, your hiking boots and your grit. Let's climb.  ~Misty


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