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She Is Not Your Rehab

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

In an article from October, 2019, a group of barbershop men decided it was time to start making a difference in their community. The movement "She Is Not Your Rehab" was started by men from a Christchurch, NZ barbershop 'My Father's Barbers'. The barbershop is known as a place "where men go to heal" and is pushing men to deal with their childhood pain and abuse, instead of projecting it onto their relationships. They created their t-shirts that read, "She Is Not Your Rehab" which garnered tons of media. They have now sold hundreds of t-shirts online, sending a positive message to men to seek the help they need. After all, abusive men were often abused boys. These boys grow up and often project their pain onto their spouses and children. It's so great to see men changing men! Way to go NZ! To read the full story, go here .

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